Water Treatment

Water quality is a complex subject with many factors to consider. There are also a wide range of technologies available for treating water for a particular use. Let A2V select the most appropriate technologies to custom design a system especially for your application.

A2V are suppliers of systems for treating water to potable standards or for use and/or re-use in specific industrial applications. Our design philosophy is to use appropriate technology to reduce envronmental impact, captial and operating costs while optimising operational reliability.

We use a number of modular technologies depending on the application:

  • Coagulation, flocculation and settling
  • Media filtration
  • Stabilisation
  • Carbon filtration
  • Reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration or microfiltration
  • Disinfection by chemicals or UV / Ozone
  • Iron removal by oxidation and filtration

Please contact us for your water treatment requirements.

Water Treatment
Water Treatment
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