Ion Exchange / Softeners

Hardness in water refers to the presence of certain salts, most commonly Calcium, Magnesium and Carbonate. These salts can lead to scaling problems in boilers, geysers, pipes and process equipment.

Water softeners work on the principle of  Ion Exchange (IE) whereby a resin removse the target salts from the water and replacing them with a more soluble salt, most commonly Sodium Chloride or table salt.

A variety of IE resins are available for removing specific minerals from water, in applications where a low salt content or low conductivity is required. Some examples are:

  • Boiler Feed Water
  • Pharmaceutical applications
  • Electronics industry
  • Food applications
  • Industrial applications

IE resins are also available for the removal of tanins, nitrates, alkalis and heavy metals.

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Ion Exchange Softeners
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