UV Disinfection

Water sterilisation is now required for all residential and commercial alternative water source systems fitted, under new City of Cape Town Water, Eastern Cape and Gauteng By-Laws.
UV is the most economical way to achieve safe water quality – for both potable & non-potable uses.

INTEWA UV units are UV‐C radiation water disinfection systems that inactivate microorganisms. The UV radiation is generated by a low pressure mercury lamp, whose maximum intensity is at a wavelength of approximately 254nm. Micro-organisms, such as bacteria and viruses, during irradiation at this wavelength, lose the ability of cell division and are thus inactivated and rendered harmless.

INTEWA UV units deliver high sterilisation performance with low en energy consumption, combined with long operational life. The compact design allows easy removal and replacement of the lamps after expiry of their useful service life. For cleaning purposes, the quartz glass can be easily removed.

All INTEWA reactor chambers feature a sight window for fast, visual inspection that the unit is operating correctly.

Key features of the INTEWA range include:

  • All units are assembled and pressure tested in Germany
  • Stainless steel construction with control sight window (blue light) visual to confirm safe UV operation
  • Suitable for horizontal and vertical installation
  • Ballast features electric fault detection light
  • All mounting fixtures included
  • 24 month standard INTEWA warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Units use readily available Phillips low-pressure UV-lamps
  • Approximately 9000h (1 year) continuous lamp service life
  • 5 sizes available for configuration to flow rates from 10l/min to 800l/min

Selecting the correct UV Unit

Several factors should be considered in choosing the correct UV unit for your home or business to ensure it provides the correct level of water protection you are expecting. The following factors need to be taken into consideration when understanding the average flow rate delivered by your alternative water source pump:

the level of sterilisation you require (are you wanting potable water or non-potable **depends on your source)

  • your pump model and performance
  • the layout and size of your home/building
  • your supply pipework (diameter, distance, height)
  • how many inhabitants (what the simultaneity factor of water consumer-use will be)

The following graph will help:

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