Dissolved Air Flotation

A2V can assist to optimise your existing DAF system or to design and supply a complete new system. 

Dissolved air flotation is process by which suspended matter such as oil or solids is removed from effluent by floating it to the effluent surface and removing it as a scum. This is achieved by dissolving air  under pressure and then releasing it into the tank to create a dispersion of fine bubbles that attach to particles and float them to the surface. A number of operating parameters need to be balanced for optimum performance of a DAF system. Coagulants and flocculants are often used to enhance the process.

A2V have developed a range of cost effective circular DAF systems in polyethylene and PVC for smaller industrial applications. Our larger rectangular systems are fabricated from corrosion protected mild steel or stainless steel.

Please contact us for assistance with any of your DAF requirements.

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