Grey Water Systems

The Intewa Aqualoop greywater treatment system is the only system in the world to be certified to both the UK and US greywater treatment standards.

Grey water is best described as your used bath, shower or washing machine water. Up to 60% of household water consumption is discharged as grey water. A typical household consumes 150-200 litres of water per person per day, this can amount to 400-600 litres per day per household. This water can be safely used for irrigation, toilet flushing and and other uses.  Ideally it should not be discharged to the sewer where it contributes to overloading sewer systems and wastewater treatment plants and ultimately consuming more more energy and resources to treat.

AQUALOOP Greywater Treatment System is a modular, compact treatment plant fully compliant with BS:8525-2:2011 (British Standard for grey water treatment) & NSF 350:2014 (C) (American Standard for Commercial grey water treatment) and is the only system of its kind in the world that to meets both strict standards.

What does certification mean?

1. ‘Non-certified’ treated grey water must be continuously tested to ensure that it is safe for it ‘s intended purpose and to comply with local, municipal and national water safety regulations.

2. Certified treated water does not need testing (providing the system is correctly installed and maintained) saving the client a considerable amount of time and money and ensuring piece of mind. This is significant because in SA the average basic water test costs R1500 – R5000.

3. Certified water can be used for many other uses than just toilet flushing such as; high pressure spray irrigation, pool top-up, laundry water for washing clothes. Non-certified treated grey water cannot be used for these purposes.

4. When you know your treated water quality, you have a certified starting point to engineer further water improvement (e.g. improve water quality to bathing or even potable standards).

Versatile System Sizing

Scalable from 300 l/day up to 100,000 l/day, AQUALOOP is specified by architects and water engineers for residential homes, eco-estates and developments, commercial buildings, gyms, sports centers and luxury resorts.

AQUALOOP greywater treatment system can turn unsafe, biologically contaminated water back into clean, clear, reusable water.

What can Aqualoop do for you?

  • produce BS & NSF fully certified treated water quality;
  • treat domestic greywater & laundry water to be safely re-used in non-potable applications;
  • improve poor quality mains, rain/river/dam water;
  • treat commercial laundry rinse water for re-use;
  • treat certain types of manufacturing “wash-down” for re-use;
  • treated water can be safely atomised in high-pressure irrigation;
  • treated water can be used for safe pool top-up;
  • operate as designed, for many years, ensuring an excellent return on investment.

INTEWA system sizing ensures that components realise or exceed their specified run life and need minimal maintenance.

AQUALOOP consists of two tanks and a three stage NATURAL treatment process:


  1. Course mechanical pre-filtration; pre-removal of larger contaminants (down to 0.8mm) like hair etc;
  2. Biological degradation; natural biological degradation of contaminants and reduction of COD/BOD and turbidity levels using growth media and aeration;
  3. Ultra-fine membrane filtering; MBR’s filter the water to 0,02 μm and remove over 99.9% of any viruses & bacteria that may be present in the water.
  4. Self cleansing technology; Latest CIP automated cleansing technology ensures MBR’s in systems 5kL/day and upwards maintain high flow-rates delivering maximum system efficiency and highest potential treated water output over a 24 hour cycle.



System operation is totally automated with aeration cycling, pre-set membrane back-flushes and water transfer occurring at preset intervals throughout each 24 hour period. Twice a day, clean, clear, treated water is pumped through to the clear water storage tank.

INTEWA system sizing ensures installed components realise or exceed their specified run life and need minimal maintenance.

 Depending on the quality of inflow water, and its intended recycled use, the optimum AQUALOOP system is sized by INTEWA and your Installer from the modular components available.

Service Life

Systems have fixed maintenance schedules, simplified due to the automatic programming. An authorised INTEWA Installer will visit regularly to upkeep the unit in efficient operational order.

All components have a serviceable run-life and maintenance plans and a parts replacement schedule is presented to clients. This includes the UF membranes (the most costly component of the system) which are designed for around 10 years of operational life each (or on average 2 million litres of grey water filtration depending on system size) before replacement is required.

Technical Documentation

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