Sustainable Living

The COMPOSTA is a drum on rollers that allows you to conveniently and efficiently convert organic waste into compost.

Domestic Compost Tumbler & Components

  • Recycled 210L polypropylene drum: green or blue
  • Fiberglass sliding door
  • Recycled plastic base frame
  • Nylon/galvanised steel rollers
  • Screw in plastic lid for removing compost
Grey water is best described as your used bath, shower or washing machine water. Up to 60% of household water consumption is discharged as grey water. Considering that a household typically consumes 150-200 litres of water per person per day, this can amount to 400-600 litres per day per household. This water can be safely used for irrigation and should not be discharged to sewer where it contributes to overloading sewer systems and sewage treatment plants and uses energy and resources to treat.

Grey Water Sump Pump

Suitable for grey water or rain water:

  • 210L recycled polyethylene drum with lid
  • 0.2kW 220V submersible pump with float switch
  • 40mm PVC inlet, outlet and overflow hose and fittings
  • Screen bag on inlet

* Drum cut away to show internal layout

* Inlet/outlets to be drilled on site

* Refer to installation guide