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The Intewa Aqualoop greywater treatment system is the only system globally certified to both UK and US greywater treatment standards.

Grey Water Systems

AQUALOOP Greywater Treatment System is a scalable, compact treatment plant fully compliant with BS:8525-2:2011 (British Standard for greywater treatment) & NSF 350:2014 (C) (American Standard for Commercial greywater treatment) and is the only system of its kind globally to meet both strict standards.
To design a world beating rainwater filter one needs to understand exactly how rain falls from the sky!

Rainwater Harvesting

We recognise a rainwater system to be a combination of quality guaranteed products, tried and tested in combination, that will, with proven high efficiency and minimal maintenance, collect, process and pump rainwater to all needed areas around the building – enhancing the rainwater experience – not adding to the homeowners problems.
A solution for local infiltration or attenuation of rainwater and run-off water of sewage plants.

Storm Water Management

The DIBt®-approval is one innovation of the DRAINMAX Tunnel infiltration system. It is with 1.6 m³ a large volume and light plastic tray system that creates a hollow space in the soil. With these, the rain water can be directly retained at the source and will infiltrate through the open soil and side holes. It is possible to also restrict the water flow to only the pipe.
The COMPOSTA is a drum on rollers that allows you to conveniently and efficiently convert organic waste into compost.

Waste Recycling

The Composta is sold as a complete units or in kit form for DIY assembly

  • Recycled 210L polypropylene drum: green or blue
  • Fiberglass sliding door
  • Recycled plastic base frame
  • Nylon/galvanised steel rollers
  • Screw in plastic lid for removing compost

We also have sieves for you to process beautiful home made compost.

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