PR-100 Purain Filter


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  • PURAIN Rainwater filter for a single family dwelling
  • for discharge pipes up to DN100
  • with stainless steel trapezoidal gap sieve
  • with integrated skimmer overflow
  • minimal height offset
  • minimal maintenance intervals
  • self-cleaning due to the hydraulic jump effect
  • minimal blocking due to the trapezoidal gap sieve design
  • minimal blocking due to distribution over the total sieve surface
  • immediate filtering performance with no start-up losses
  • minimal tilt sensitivity

The following variations are available:

  • integrated non-return valve (NRV) to prevent backflow and/or small animals from entering the tank. The NRV can also be ordered separately 
  • excluding the internal baffle for greywater or monsoon applications where high flows are anticipated 
  • backflushing nozzle can be installed as a separate item to periodically flush the screen clean (from behind) with a jet of water (for grey water applications)

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