PF300-100 Calmer


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Quick Overview

  • separable, therefore pollutants can be removed in the installed condition
  • large, closed sedimentation chamber
  • high durability by ribbing
  • for protecting pumps and consumer
  • to avoid swirling of sediments by the inflow of rainwater
  • UV stabilised

The PLURAFIT PF 300-100 Calm allows removal of the bottom bowl and therefore can be cleaned in installed condition. DN100 pipes can be directly fitted to the spigot end of the inlet calmer.

Basic knowledge:

With course of time, fine particles settle at the base of the tank and form a sediment layer. In order to avoid swirling of the sediment layer by inflowing rain water, the water must be steadily supplied to the tank. The inlet calmer leads the rainwater to the tank in the direction of flow created at the base of the tank – the sediment layer is not disturbed. Pumps and other parts of the system are subject to less wear and therefore have higher durability.


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