A2V were appointed to upgrade the existing filtration system with 7×1.2m diameter zeolite filters to improve plant performance.  The system is sized to treat 160kLPH of process water for process water in the factory.  Following filtration the water is filtered though 4 x1.8m dia GAC filters to remove any taste and odors followed by disinfection with Chlorine dioxide.

A 200micron security filter was also installed downstream of the GAC filters to prevent the ingreess of filter media into the factory system in the event of a filter nozzle failure – a fairly regular occurence on these old filters!

We also coniue with the identification and management of a Microcystis algal bloom which returns each year to the storage dam and taints the water with a “duck pond” taste.  This is a holistic approach including mangment of the dam and the resident goose population which contributes significantly to the nutrient load and well as to optimise the water treatment processes to minimise the effect of the Microcystin.


RFG Tulbagh Filter Bank

RFG Tulbagh Filtration Plant

RFG Security Filters

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