In response to numerous requests from borehole owners, we have developed a low cost system for removing iron from water in domestic applications.

Our system uses chlorine as an oxidise iron and manganese in the water prior to passing it through a specialized catalytic filter media (DMI-65) which promotes the oxidation of iron, causing it to precipitate out into he media bed. The iron particles are then back washed from the filter in the same way as a pool filter is back washed. DMI-65 is highly effective and is unique in that it does not require regeneration, unlike many other iron removal medias on the market. Indeed, the media has a life span of up to 10 years if operated correctly, making electricity the only operating cost of the system.

Chlorine is dosed as Calcium hypochlorite in slow release tablets through an in-line dosing system. This has the advantage maintaining a residual concentration in the water downstream, thereby disinfecting it and preventing re-infection.

Our system is available in two sizes 300LPH and 500LPH and can be supplied with an automatic or manual filter head.

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