A2V in partnership with Sopura were assigned to treat borehole water to a level where it can be safely used with the factory, the principle criteria being that the chloride concentration should be below 50ppm.

The project comprised a 100kL reservoir (tank farm) being fed by a and RO system with an output of 10kLPH. A futher 6kLPH of pretreated borehole water bypasses the system to achieve a net flow of 16kLPH water for use by the factory. The treated water is further stabilised through the addition of Soda Ash and disinfected by Chlorine dioxide before being pumped into the factory by a dedicated booster pump set operating a 6.5bar. The system was also installed with a municpal water bypass that automatically swtiches on the municipal water should the reservoir level reach a low level.

A CIP system was supplied to clean the membranes on a monthly basis to remove the biofouling which was found to be prevalant on the site.

RFG Wellington 10kLPH RO System


RFG Wellington  16kLPH Water Tretament Plant


RFG Chemical Dosing Area and Tank Farm

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