A2V were appointed to install a a water treatment system to supply 4,000LPH pure makeup water for Albion’s product range. The system treats borehole water and is entirely is powered by photovoltaic (PV) on the roof of the factory to produce a very economical water supply.

The system comprises the following:

  • a chemical dosing system to oxidise iron and manganese
  • a coagulation/floculation system with a tube settler
  • a DMI-65 filtration system to remove residual iron and manganese to <0.1mg/L
  • a GAC filter to remove residual chlorine and dissolved organics
  • a softener to remove scale forming minerals
  • a reverse osmosis system

Pretreatment  – DMI65, GAC filters and a softener

3,000LPH RO System

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