Albion Chemicals are manufacturers of of bleach and other cleaning products. Cape Town municipal water is used as the main ingredient for all of their products.

Albion were experiencing a high number of returns on their products due to ‘blow-outs’ of the product bottles. A number of water and product samples determined that the most likely cause for the ‘blow-outs’ was the presence of iron in the make-up water. Indeed, iron levels in the municipal supply were found at times to exceed 2mg/L and the SABS standard for drinking water.

The City of Cape Town uses ferric chloride as a coagulant on many of its water treatment plants. At times the process is not managed correctly and either excess ferric chloride is present in the water; or flocs are carried over from the settling process into the reticulation system.

A2V designed a filter system using a specialized catalytic media, designed for the removal of iron and manganese. The media acts as an oxidation catalyst causing the metals to precipitate within the media bed,consistently removed iron to <0.01ppm. It is also effective at removing arsenic, aluminium and other heavy metals.

The catalytic media uses an oxidation, adsorption and filtration process similar to Greensand and Birm, but to a much higher removal efficiency and significantly lower life cycle cost. The media lasts for 5 to 10 years and does not require regeneration. The entire process is simpler to operate and less costly to install than traditional iron removal systems.